81,633 miles - Manufactured on 2003 - Manual Transmission - RWD Drive - 6 Cylinders - Gas - City: 16 MPG, Road: 24 MPG
80,167 miles - Manufactured on 2006 - Automatic Transmission - 4WD Drive - 6 Cylinders - Gas - City: 18 MPG, Road: 26 MPG
37,389 miles - Manufactured on 2010 - Automatic Transmission - FWD Drive - 4 Cylinders - Diesel - City: 34 MPG, Road: 43 MPG
49,057 miles - Manufactured on 2009 - Automatic Transmission - FWD Drive - 5 Cylinders - Gas - City: 20 MPG, Road: 31 MPG
59,100 miles - Manufactured on 2009 - Automatic Transmission - 4WD Drive - 4 Cylinders - Gas - City: 23 MPG, Road: 32 MPG

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Miles : 52,344
Drive : FWD
Fuel Type : Gas
Transmission : Automatic
Body Style : Sedan
Doors : 4
Color : White
Miles : 104,987
Drive : FWD
Fuel Type : Gas
Transmission : Manual
Body Style : Hatchback
Doors : 3
Color : Silver
Miles : 62,956
Drive : 4WD
Fuel Type : Gas
Transmission : Automatic
Body Style : SUV
Doors : 5
Color : Pearl White
Miles : 74,583
Drive : FWD
Fuel Type : Diesel
Transmission : Automatic
Body Style : Sedan
Doors : 4
Color : Gun Metal Gray

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What our customers are saying...

"Wont be Disappointed..."
My wife and I recently decided it was time to purchase a new vehicle.  While we loved not having a car payment, we realized our current rides were slowing creeping towards their end, and would soon deliver nothing but problems and repairs.  We made the rounds to the various car dealerships, and came to the conclusion that the used car sales person stereotype is really quite accurate.  The term, "we are just looking today" must translate to, "please follow me around, keep bugging me with personal questions, and make me finally tell you to leave me the f$%# alone!"...or at least something like that. After several horrible experiences with these snake oil salesmen, who all happened to be wearing the same cheap smelling cologne...we almost gave up our search.  That was until a good friend recommended Greg Platt and Platt Auto Group. I got in touch with Greg, laid out the parameters of what we were looking for and what we wanted to pay.  Two weeks later he let me know that he had received a few cars in that might match what we were looking for.  Boy did they...and well below Blue Book Value.  Greg will deal with you straight up and with honesty.  No haggling for a good deal...he lets you know up front what the cost will be, and for us it was lower then anywhere else we looked. We went in, took a test drive, set up the loan paperwork and were soon driving around in our new used 2006 Audi A4.  This car was in mint condition, drove beautifully and was exactly what we were looking for.  Give Greg a call and tell him I referred you...you won't be disappointed.
Chris L. , Portland OR
"Very Polite!"
Bought car and am very satisfied with purchase. Dealer was polite, professional, and willing to help me with a vehicle inspection that I arranged from a distance.
Octavius via CarGuru's
Very responsive and encouraging to try other models.
Louis via CarGurus
"Good Experience"
Great experience, I haven't purchased very many cars in my life but working with Platt Auto is great. After my first visit I was talking to my friend about looking for a car and it turns out that he bought a car from Greg at Platt Auto a couple of years ago and said he would only buy from him in the future. I'm still trying to work out some of my financing issues but as soon as I do I'll be back to buy one of there cars. I liked how they were really low pressure, had really nice cars and seemed genuinely interested in helping me.
Ben, Happy Customer
"Strongly recommended"
Recently bought a car here and worked with Greg Platt. It was the most pleasant car purchase I have ever experienced. Flew in from Southern California and the whole process went very smooth. Greg seems trustworthy and that made all the difference. I highly recommend him!
Google User, Southern California