Special Supply of Nissan Leaf's

For everyone looking for an alternative drive car or just looking to save money, here is your chance to save big on the best Electric Vehicle that's affordable.  Nissan has a surplus of Leafs right now that will end after this year.  We have been purchasing as many as possible and we've been stocking typically 45+ leafs!

The Nissan leaf is a great alternative to a gasoline powered car.  It gives you excellent return on your money in two ways:

No Gasoline Required:

    That's right, no more fuel bills.  True you do need to pay for electricity.  Leaf's have a comparative fuel economy rating around 120mpg and that is based on 12cents per KW, in the pacific NW we have the lowest priced energy typically priced at half the national average.

Virtually no Maintenance:

   No engine,  no transmission, no oil changes, no oil leaks, no fuel filters, not really much of anything.  This all translates into very limited maintenance spending.


Nissan Leafs carry the following warranties

     -3 year 36K mile bumper to Bumper warranty

     -5 year 60K mile powertrain warranty

     -8 year 100K mile battery warranty

    -6 year battery performance warranty


Don't hesitate if you are interested in these cars, prices have fallen by thousands but won't last forever as these lease returns dry up!!!